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Engineering Solutions

Outpost Technologies works with customers to define requirements, make clear and concise plans, and execute delivery of complete solutions to complex problems. As a partner, we are ready to provide the expertise in a range of engineering and manufacturing domains to turn ideas into reality. Our strength is in solutions that span multiple engineering domains that require tangible deliverables at completion.

System Design

Our team is comprised of specialists in all engineering program stages. From requirements definition to detailed design, testing, and validation, we aim to partner with customers in production of quality engineered products. Outpost's internal manufacturing team aids in preliminary and detailed design processes to reduce manufacturing lead times and costs. Our reverse engineering experience yields failure analysis, obsolescence, and optimization capabilities.

Military Humvee

Systems Engineering and Integration

Outpost leverages our multi-disciplinary team to provide systems engineering and integration services at all levels of the V-model processes. Leaning heavily on model-based system engineering practices, we work to deliver the best solution to integrating any set of systems.

Software Development

Outpost develops software tools for system analysis, validation, and verification: from weapons systems lethality analysis to materials characterization and testing automation. We provide analysis results in a clear and concise format to achieve the highest confidence data. Our teams has proven success utilizing these tools at various test events through on-site support.

Programming Console
Manufacturing Assembly

Test and Evaluation

In conjunction with the analysis software tools, Outpost supports test environments by providing test support, test support planning, and data evaluation and analysis to our customers. Our pre- and post- test analysis enables our customers to determine system success. 

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