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About Us

Engineering Solutions to Solve Complex Problems and Push the Boundaries of Technology

Outpost Technologies is a group of individuals dedicated to excellence in our craft. We were founded in 2018 to solve the hard problems for the Department of Defense, other government agencies, and industry. Leveraging our backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, testing and manufacturing, we aim to take complex problems from inception through system integration. Our mission is to provide top-tier engineering solutions that define new boundaries of technology.

Committed to Quality

Outpost Technologies, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction through meeting applicable requirements and continuous improvement of our products, services, and quality management system.

Our Story

Outpost Technologies was founded in 2018 to improve weapons systems analysis and testing capabilities. With our background in advanced materials design and fabrication, we not only assess systems already in place but we custom design, fabricate and assemble testing solutions for customers such as MDA and NASA. Our mission is to provide top-tier engineering solutions to help our customers solve their complex problems and push the boundaries of technology.

Meet The Leadership

Our Clients

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