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Complete Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions

Solving Complex Problems and Pushing the Boundaries of Technology


Outpost works with our customers to define requirements, make clear and concise plans, and execute to deliver complete solutions to complex problems. As a partner, we are ready to provide the expertise in a range of engineering and manufacturing domains to turn ideas into reality. Our strength is in solutions that span multiple engineering domains that require tangible deliverables at completion.

System Design

  • Space Rated Hardware Design

  • Mechanical Design

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Electrical Design

Software Development and Test Analysis

  • Software tools that enable:

    • Pre-test lethality predictions

    • Post-test lethality assessments

    • Lethality table generation

    • Safe separation analysis

  • Data cleaning, reduction, and analysis​

In-house Advanced Manufacturing

  • AS9100 Certification

  • Prototype short-run, high complexity parts

  • Reflective optics manufacturing

  • Single point diamond turning

  • Lapping/polishing

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Small-run electronics manufacturing

  • CMM Inspection

Systems Engineering and Integration

  • Systems of Systems Integration

  • Procurement and Logistical Support

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